What exactly is Tanjore painting? 22kt or 24kt Tanjore paintings


Thanjavur painting, also known as Tanjore painting, is a classical art style from southern India that celebrates the region’s rich artistic heritage. It is named after the town of Thanjavur in Tamil Nadu, India. Tanjore paintings are known for their lavish depictions of deities, which feature bright colours and gaudy embellishments, especially gold foil. Despite the fact that the art form has evolved over time, it remains influential among art lovers and inspires many artists with its uniquely Indian nature.


Tanjore paintings are an extraordinary visual amalgamation of both art and design. Themes on Hindu gods and goddesses predominate, with figures of Lord Krishna in different poses and portraying various stages of his life being the most common. Tanjore paintings are known for their vibrant colour schemes, decorative jewellery made of stones and cut glasses, and exceptional gold leaf work. Gold leaf and precious and semi-precious stones are used liberally, creating a stunning visual treat. These breathe life into the images, bringing them to life in a special way.

tanjore palacePalagai padam translates to “portrait on a wooden plank,” and refers to Tanjore paintings that are traditionally completed on jackfruit or teak wood boards. Tanjore paintings are known for their use of vibrant colours and gold leaf embellishments, as well as cut glass, pearls, and precious and semi-precious stones.

Although artists used natural colours such as vegetable and mineral dyes in the past, artificial paints have gradually taken over. Tanjore paintings have a stunning colour scheme of vivid reds, blues, and greens. This, along with the paintings’ richness and dense compositions, distinguishes them from other Indian art styles. Bal Krishna, Lord Rama, and other gods, goddesses, saints, and subjects from Hindu mythology are popular themes in Tanjore paintings.


Tanjore paintings are entirely handcrafted, with little use of machines. To create a Tanjore drawing, a fabric sketch is first made. This fabric is adhered to a wooden foundation made traditionally from the jackfruit tree. Plywood is now used as a substitute. Limestone or French chalk, as well as a binding medium, are uniformly applied to the canvas. When the drawing has dried, it is coloured in dark brown or black paint and then finished in light colours.

Intricate brushstrokes and delicate plotlines can be seen in these paintings. The gold gives the painting more energy and dimension. Gold was used in these paintings from the 2nd century B.C. to the 7th century A.D. to help encourage a sense of commitment. Vegetable or mineral dyes were used in the past for painting. Different colors were used for various parts of the painting.

For instance,The backgrounds were red or green. Lord Vishnu was portrayed in blue, and Lord Nataraja in white. Goddesses were painted in the colour gold. Depending on the event, the sky was painted blue or black. Gods and Goddesses wore jewellery and ornaments made entirely of gold. The artwork is embossed with gold, gemstones, pearls, glass crystals, and precious stones. The paintings took on a three-dimensional appearance as a result of this.

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Normally Gold stands for fire, purity, and wealth

aishwarya family with Tanjore PaintingFamilies in South India have traditionally coveted gold jewellery to all those for decades. Gold is non-reactive, does not rust or tarnish, and is thus auspicious because it is new.

  • “Fire has come to be associated with gold, and it is a sign of purity. It is an icon of Lakshmi [the goddess of prosperity] and represents prosperity. Gold threads are woven into saris, and it can be seen in temple gopurams (ornate entrance towers). According to Balakrishnan, it has a clear ritualistic meaning within the Hindu dharma.
  • Paintings are often used as decorative items to alter the ambiance and mood of a home or workplace. These paintings, which are deeply embedded in Indian art and tradition, offer a piece to both those who own them and those who create them.


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Most people adore Tanjore paintings and purchase them to decorate their homes or offices. Deceivers are very likely to deceive and sell fake Tanjore paintings while claiming them to be originals. There are ways to find a Tanjore Painting and ensure that it is a genuine piece to avoid being duped by these con artists.

However, without destroying the painting, there was no way to identify the original. We can instantly identify the original work using Raman spectroscopy without destroying the painting. Raman spectroscopy is a non-destructive technique for distinguishing genuine Tanjore paintings from fakes. The presence of actual gold in the painting is confirmed by the energy-dispersed X-ray measurement.

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