November Birthstone Topaz

About Topaz Stone

Beautiful topaz is a birthstone for November and blue topaz is a birthstone for December. Blue topaz stone is the gem of the 4th anniversary and Imperial topaz is the gem of the 23rd anniversary. Topaz stone gets its name from the Greek word ‘topazion’ meaning, “fire.”

Topaz Gemstone is known for its beauty that is defined by the sparkling color it radiates. Since ages, it’s demand is increasing. They are must needed gemstone in a human’s life and can bring many changes. Apart from beauty, gemstones have the strange ability of changing the destiny of a person. Simply we can say its a symbol of love and affection, sweetness and disposition.

Topaz Stone in Hindi is Topaaz

Topaz Stone in Tamil is Pusparakam

Crystal Topaz Stone in Malayalam is Tēāpas

Topaz Stone in Telugu is Puṣparāgamu

Topaz Stone color

The most valued topaz crystal colors are orange red to red. Blue topaz gems are also widely available.

Topaz has an exceptionally wide color range they are brown, blue, green, yellow, orange, red, pink, and purple. Colorless topaz is plentiful, and is often treated to give it a blue color.

Topaz gemstone available/found in Czech Republic, Sri Lanka, Australia, Nigeria, Norway, Italy, Brazil, Pakistan, United States of America, Japan, Russia, Germany, Tasmania and Brazil.

What is the history of the topaz?

Topaz was believed to give the ancient Greeks strength. The name “topaz” originated in Russia, where the Ural Mountains were the leading source for the November birth stone. Years ago, the people of India used to believe that wearing topaz around the neck ensured a lifetime of longevity, healing, intelligence, beauty, and energy.

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Topaz stones astrology

In Hindu astrology, the word topaz stone means heat. Topaz gemstone is one of the sacred stones of the Hindu’s Kalpa tree. It is one of the 9 sacred stones upon a talisman of nine gems. The Hindus believe that worn as a pendant, this gemstone will relieve thirst, sharpen intelligence and lengthen ones life. Topaz is used to promote good fortune.

Astrologers and saints said that gemstones have got some magical powers, with the help one can bring positive changes in life. They are worn by persons of different astrological signs and have a relation with one planet or the other. It is said that wearing tapaz gemstone influences the movement of planet and that is how a gemstone brings changes. One of the most important benefits of wearing gemstones is that they always help to drive away negative forces.

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Topaz Stone Benefits

Health Benefits of a Topaz

  • A topaz gives relief in health problems like blood disorders, vision problems, indigestion, hemorrhage, etc.
  • It is also believed to cure gall bladder stone, arthritis, and rheumatism
  • A blue topaz can give relief from throat problems
  • Yellow topaz has shown some great results in providing relief from conditions like cold, cough, fever, etc.
  • Improving the mental health of the wearer, a yellow topaz can calm the mind and treat mental ailments, anxiety, depression and may even provide freedom from suicidal tendencies

Astrological Benefits of a Topaz

  • Topaz stone boosts the thinking ability of the wearer, helping them make perfect decisions.
  • Suitable for both, men and women, a topaz gem is believed to provide intelligence and intellect to a man and happiness to a woman.
  • It may also prove beneficial in controlling aggression, anger and in reducing fears.
  • Golden Topaz stone may bring energy, a clear or colorless topaz is believed to heal the soul of the wearer.
  • An incredible astrological benefit of a yellow topaz is that it is said to relax and calm the mind, making the wearer happy and content.
  • The yellow topaz is also believed to remove negative energies, warding off the feelings of regrets and anguish.

How to clean topaz stone jewellery?

The best and easy way to clean topaz stone or topaz gemstone jewellery is with warm water and soap. Never clean topaz in a home ultrasonic cleaner or a steamer. It is important that the stone be protected from any sort of exposure to rapid temperature change, acids, or heat. It will start to lose its color if kept out in the sun or exposed to other kinds of heat. topaz is relatively hard but can crack easily if dropped.

Interesting facts of Topaz Gemstone: November Birthstone

  1. The term ‘Topaz’ comes from a small island in the Red Sea called Topazos.
  2. Red colored Topaz is highly valuable due to its rarity. Known as Imperial Topaz, this gemstone has most of the red coloring at the top and bottom of the gemstone.
  3. And the middle part of the gemstone has an orange color with pink undertones. Less than 1% of all Topaz gems exhibit this color.
  4. Imperial Topaz, named after the Russian Czars of the 18th and 19th centuries, was widely used in the Imperial Jewels of Russia.
  5. The Mohs scale of hardness rank for this stone is 8, the Topaz gem is a durable and hard gemstone which makes the perfect choice for everyday jewellery. But, it does require proper care to avoid chipping and cracking.
  6. In the ancient times, Greeks believed that this gemstone could increase the strength of the wearer and provide the much-needed help during hardships.
  7. Ancient Greeks also used the stone to make the wearer invisible. And as per the Egyptians, wearing this gemstone as an amulet could help in protecting them from injury. Whereas, Romans used the stone to improve the eyesight.
  8. Many people think of Topaz as a light brown gemstone which is inexpensive and found in abundance. But, that’s not really the case. Topaz gemstones also come in high-quality varieties that demand great price in the gem market.
  9. The gemstone is associated with faithfulness, friendship, devotion and commitment, which makes it a perfect gift for a wedding or anniversary. In fact, it is also the Wedding Anniversary Gemstone, which can be gifted to celebrate the 4th and 19th year of marriage.

What is the largest topaz found?

The American Golden Topaz was found in Brazil and weighs 22,892.50 carats. Currently, it can be found on display in the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C.

What are the properties of topaz?

The topaz is an 8 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness (1-10, with the diamond being the hardest at a 10) because of its orthorhombic crystal structure. Topaz is considered to be translucent to transparent because of its vitreous luster.

Where can I buy November birthstone rings and other jewellery?

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