May Birthstone Emerald

About Emerald Stone

Emerald is a green colored, highly precious most beautiful and stunning gemstones of the Beryl mineral family. Since ancient times, it is worn by people because it is said to have several benefits in vedic astrology like for success in businesses & jobs, creative or intellectual pursuits and knowledge seeking ventures. Emerald stone is known for May Birthstone.

Emerald in Hindi is Panna (पन्ना)

Crystal Emerald in Tamil is Marakata (மரகத)

Emerald in Malayalam is Maratakaṁ (മരതകം)

Emerald in Telugu is Pacca (పచ్చ)

This gemstone is found in many countries like Russia, Brazil, Zambia, India, Pakistan, etc., but the best emerald stone is obtained from Colombia and South America.

What is the May birthstone?

The birthstone for May is the emerald. It is believed that the origination of assigning a birthstone for each month dates back to a breastplate that Aaron, the older brother of Moses, wore, which represented the Twelve Tribes of Israel. In biblical times, people wore the gemstone assigned to month that the stone represented as a talisman.

What is an emerald’s color?

The emerald has variations ranging from light green to dark green. Colombian stones have the element chromium, which is responsible for the purest green colors in emeralds. Brazilian gemstones get their color primarily from small amounts of the element vanadium. Zambian emeralds receive their color from iron.

Emerald Jewellery

Green emerald gemstone can be wear in many forms like earrings, rings, necklace and pendants. But to have astrological benefits, it is more recommended to wear it in form of ring or pendant.

Why Should People wear Emeralds?

If a person is having a speech difficulties, respiratory troubles, allergies and also nervous disorders should try a emerald gemstone ring or pendant. The Emerald gemstone should be set in Gold and be worn in the little finger. It should be worn on a Wednesday.

Who Should Wear Emerald Stone?

Emerald (meaning Panna) represents planet Mercury. Vedic astrology recommends wearing this gemstone to get out of negative influences caused by a weaker Mercury in a person’s horoscope.

  • Indian astrology assigns Panna ratna for Mithun (Gemini) and Kanya (Virgo) sun-sign.
  • Western astrology recommends emerald birthstone for Cancer.
  • Taurus, Libra, Capricorn and Aquarius can also can wear emerald stone.
  • For a Taurus native, wearing the Emerald gemstone will ensure better earning opportunities, a steady, positive inflow of wealth, career growth, societal recognition, and spiritual benefits.

Emerald stone astrology

Emerald crystal is associated with the planet Mercury. According to astrology, a person with a weak mercury can face problems to solve these problems, wear an emerald stone as a ring or a pendant. It is also known as Pachu stoneMarkat ManiParnaya and Budh ratna in India and Smaragdos in Greek.

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Emerald stone benefits

  • Ideal for Financial, Intellectual and Creative Ventures. Highly recommend for the people working in finance, banking, book keeping, share market trading etc.
  • Improves Oration, Speech & Communication and boosts confidence. Best for the people working in PR, Media or Mass Communication related roles.
  • Relaxes mind, improved senses and skin related ailments. Highly useful in treating certain allergies and nervous disorders.

What is the largest emerald stone found?

The Bahia Emerald is the largest and most famous emerald in history. This stone was found in the early 2,000’s in Brazil. This emerald is approximately 840 lbs. and 1,900,000 carats. The stone has been valued at over $400 million dollars, but it is unclear who the real owner is. At least 7 different people claim ownership of the Bahia Emerald, but it is up to the judicial system to find its actual owner.

How do you clean emerald jewellery?

The best way to get beautiful results when cleaning your emerald is to bring it to a jeweler. However, you can also clean your emerald jewellery at home.

To clean your emerald, use water that is room temperature. Use a soft toothbrush with a mild soap, or Woolite and carefully cleanse the stone, which should begin to brighten during the cleaning process. Rinse the emerald in warm water and then pat dry.

Make sure that you do not attempt to clean an emerald with an ultrasonic cleaner or steam cleaner.


How do you care for emerald jewellery?

Remove your emerald jewellery when cleaning dirty dishes and don’t wear it near anything that will attract grease. These substances can accumulate on the gemstone and it will begin to lose its brilliance. It is also a good idea not to wear an emerald when doing any strenuous physical activity, as it may scratch the stone.

Do not wear emerald jewellery when working with acetone, as this could potentially damage the stone. The emerald should also never be exposed to high heat. Avoid any contact with harsh chemicals, dirt, and any substand that could stick to the emerald.


What is an emerald stones value?

An emerald is valued similarly to the way a diamond is priced. The 4 C’s are what is used to properly price an emerald. They are color, carat, cut, and clarity. Most jewelers will also look for the size when evaluating the stone and determine where the stone originates from.
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