Jewellery Shops in Chandauli

Looking for jewellery shops in Chandauli near you, We have the entire collections of jewellers in Chandauli, check the jewellery collections in Chandauli before visiting to jewellery shops near me (you). check the collections of their jewellery like Chain Designs and Chain Types, Birthstones jewellery, Necklaces, Rings, Toe rings, Bangles and Earrings online.

There are several reasons why people buying jewelries in online? Because of huge crowd in the Jewellery shop in Chandauli, and climatic irritations like whether its hot sun or rainy season, or experience in searching for parking spots. After all hurdles finally reached shop, there is a big problem like the designs you are not satisfied with, but many people tend to buy those as their energies are drained off to visit another shop. With all these difficulties, we advise you “STAY HOME AND SHOP ONLINE! YOU’RE TOO Pretty TO HAVE TO LOOK FOR A PARKING SPOT”

Jewellery Shops in Chandauli

Gold rates may vary in day and evening but in online gold rate today is fixed for through a day. Find all the latest designs of your favorite jewellers also don forget to check Gold purity ( How to Check Gold Purity)

harishchandra jewellers

Address: Indra Nagar, Gautam Nagar, Chandauli, Uttar Pradesh 232104


Geeta jewellers

Address: Ward no.15, Purani Bazar Rd, Chandauli, Uttar Pradesh 232104
Phone: 094503 08587


Shivkumar jewellery

Address: Chandauli – Sakaldiha Rd, Danpur, Chandauli, Uttar Pradesh 232104
Phone: 096955 95167


M K Jewellers

Address: ward no 9 azad nagar saidraja chandauli pin, 232110
Phone: 097950 55565


Om jeweller

Address: Purani Bazar Rd, Gautam Nagar, Chandauli, Uttar Pradesh 232104
Phone: 070070 94990


Gangotri Jewellers

Address: 310,ravinagar colony near Famous boutique ,dr. Suman Singh Ki Gali Mughalsarai, Chandauli, Uttar Pradesh 232101
Phone: 072758 80020


shiva jewellers

Address: Kuchaman City, Uttar Pradesh 232120


Ram sager Jewellers

Address: Ward no. 9 Azad nagar, Saidaraja, Uttar Pradesh 232110
Phone: 096484 86277


Rajendra Prasad Jewellery Shop

Address: bazar, Baburi, Uttar Pradesh


Rajesh Jewellers

Address: Saiyadraja, Uttar Pradesh 232110
Phone: 094156 65820


Sakshi Jewellers

Address: Chandauli, Padao, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh 221008


Ankit Jewellers

Address: Amra-Sakaldiha Marg, Sakaldiha Market, Sakaldiha, Uttar Pradesh 232109
Phone: 081748 94455


Shagun Jewellers

Address: Sakaldiha Market, Sakaldiha, Uttar Pradesh 232109
Phone: 099189 82205


Vishal Alanka Jeweller

Address: Leva Road, Illia Bazaar, Chandauli District, Mahuar Kalan, 232118
Phone: 094737 42977


M K jewellers

Address: Bhatija Rd, Saiyadraja, Uttar Pradesh 232110
Phone: 099188 67851


Sonu Jewellers Shop

Address: Mathela, Uttar Pradesh 232109


Swarn Mandir Jewellers

Address: Weastern Bazar, Mughalsarai, Uttar Pradesh 232101
Phone: 092354 42239



Address: W.No.10 Near Ram Janaki Mandir, Saiyadraja, Uttar Pradesh 232110
Phone: 079856 38006


New Prakash Jewellers

Address: Jivanpur, Uttar Pradesh 232120
Phone: 075658 38485


Nandishwar Jewellers

Address: Nai Bazar, Uttar Pradesh 232108


shree vishnu jewellers

Address: Saiyadraja, Uttar Pradesh 232110
Phone: 098381 63636



Hope you liked Jewellery Shops in Chandauli, we have tried hard to bring the jewellers in Chandauli and thier collections only for you. If any missed or informations to be updated do contact us or comment below. We are happy to serve you 24×7. We only need a LIKE & SHARE this to the people you know. Because your sharing & caring is all we need…
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