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List of White Gemstones Guide

White and colorless gemstones have been used since ancient times and are among the most common colors for gemstones. Unlike any other gemstone color, white ...

Update - 2020.03.28
List of Grey Gemstones Guide

The color grey (or gray) is not commonly associated with jewellery. Grey is an uncommon color in the world of gemstones, with only very few gemstones that are ...

List of Orange Gemstones Guide

Orange is not a very common color in the world of gemstones and is most people’s first choice. Although the list of orange gemstones isn’t exhaustive, there ...

List of Purple Gemstones Guide

Although purple has been a color used in jewellery since ancient times, there aren’t many purple gemstones. Compared to other colors such as blue, red and ...

List of Green Gemstones Guide

Green is among the most sought-after colors for gemstones and has always been an important color in the gemstone world. It is a sophisticated color that adds a ...

List of Red Gemstones Guide

Red is one of the most popular gemstone colors and has been throughout history. Stones such as rubies, garnets and red diamonds have been valued for centuries. ...

List of Yellow Gemstones Guide

List of Yellow Gemstones guide are experiencing a surge in popularity as more and more people turn towards colored gemstone jewellery. From a color ...

Zircon Stone Guide

Zircon is a little-known and often misunderstood stone. While not many people know of this gemstone today, zircon used to be highly valued and coveted ...

Sunstone Gemstone Guide

Many of us have heard of the moonstone, but the sunstone gemstone is relatively unknown! The name alone is mysterious and intriguing. Called ‘sunstone’ due to ...

Spinel Gemstone

Is spinel gemstone just a collector’s stone?  The answer is an emphatic no! Spinel makes for a great addition to any jewellery collection and gemstone ...
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