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Wedding Knot Engagement Rings For Women By Bluestone
Wedding Knot Engagement Rings For Women By Bluestone

Ancient Egyptians are credited with having invented the engagement ring and the old Greeks for following the custom thereon. The tradition of wearing an Bluestone engagement rings on the fourth finger of the left hand is popular, as the Romans trusted this finger had a vein that ran specifically to the heart —the Vena Amoris; in Latin meaning “Vein of Love”.

“Engagement” ritual is one of the most memorable moments in one’s life and diamonds are the traditional choice for engagement rings or wedding rings. Engraving is the best definitive approach to customize an Engagement or Wedding Ring.

The custom of composing romantic sentimental nostalgic poetry onto wedding rings started from the medieval Europe. Currently, engraving a message on the inside of the shank is popular. Engraving of “Memorable Love Notes”, Names, Date of Marriage or Engagement are common as they are classic and timeless.

Bluestone Solitaire Engagement Rings

Solitaire engagement rings are the first choice for wedding bands throughout the world. They make a powerful statement as they are standalone statement pieces. Simple, yet always a showstopper, our stunning solitaire diamond rings are sure to grab attention. They are perfect for women who appreciate classic style and want to make a bold statement.

BlueStone helps you to build your own Solitaire Engagement Ring as per your specifications in 3 easy steps. Simply Select a Solitaire as per your specifications; Choose ring design of your choice; Review and Place order. The advantage of buying Solitaire Ring from BlueStone is that we do not hold inventory and the same cost benefit is passed to our customers.

All our solitaires are natural and certified from world renowned laboratories like the GIA and IGI. They also offer customization to our customers wherein if you have any particular design in your mind, you can share it with us and we will custom make it accordingly. “THE EVER BEAUTIFUL RING” is one of the best pieces in the Solitaire Engagement ring collection.

Cluster Engagement Rings

The cluster engagement rings are a recent trend and a popular choice for an additional sparkle. Cluster engagement rings come in all types of shapes and sizes. A few cluster design rings will have one bigger diamond in the center and with many smaller stones surrounding it, while others have multiple stones in the center.

Smaller diamonds in the cluster ring will be usually of a similar size and will be less in carat weight, although it can be possible for the central diamond to be bigger and more in carat weight.

Bluestone Jewellery

Solitaire engagement cluster rings are mostly with smaller diamonds set together and look like a single solitaire from far. More diamonds mean more sparkle and our cluster engagement rings collection offers a wide range of rings at different price ranges and they look bigger for the value paid for. The majority of people wish to buy engagement ring designs online as per their specifications.

Customers buy engagement rings online in India since there is a wide choice of exclusive engagement ring designs and the competitive engagement ring prices available.

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