Bluestone Cocktail Rings

Double Peacock Feature Bluestone Diamond Cocktail Rings
Double Peacock Feature Bluestone Diamond Cocktail Rings

Content from Bluestone Cocktail Rings: They say small is beautiful, but we beg to differ. More often than not, people fall in love with large and oversized objects and the history of jewellery industry testifies to that fact.

From time to time, pieces of oversized jewellery became exceptionally popular and set new trends in the industry. Cocktail rings, also known as cluster rings and dinner rings are an excellent case in point. These beautifully big rings which were in vogue a few decades ago are making a comeback these days with innovative designs.

A cocktail ring is an oversized ring with a large centre stone and a lot of tiny stones surrounding it. When cocktail rings emerged as a fashion statement, they were typically worn by women in cocktail parties and that’s where they derived the name from.

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BlueStone cocktail rings design

Over the last few decades, cocktail rings found their way out of illegal cocktail parties and made their presence felt in many other formal as well as casual occasions.

Today, these oversized rings are worn by women at many events, from popular dressy events to formal as well as casual occasions. Many celebrities are found wearing such signature pieces in film premiers, award shows, celebrity gatherings, and similar occasions.

These days, designers use precious, semi-precious, and faux stones as the centrepiece and the cocktail ring prices depend on the metal and stone used in them.


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