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For centuries, gold remained as endless favourite for Indians. When it involves the normal and contemporary occasion like weddings, every bride is handed a valuable piece of heirloom jewellery after or before her wedding. Palakka Mala is that the best example for it! Kerala’s Jewellery culture always tells you stories of innovations. they’re unique a la mode . A palakka mala set is structured in such how that “leaf “modal mango shaped emeralds (usually green coloured) set in an order at the top of the necklaces. In some model, the whole necklace crammed with the mango shaped leafs.Kerala weddings have since forever been the right concoction of tradition and modernism. We are considered so very different from the remainder of India, for our culture and our well educated and broad- minded people that can discuss the foremost complicated of political issues taking different sides, yet walk out as close friends after. there’s always a particular warmth of acceptance, which makes people feel welcome everywhere, be it tourists or natives.

Kerala Wedding Traditions

palaka jewellery set

As we wish to quip, you’ll find a Malayalee even on the moon; the diasporas too refuse to budge from the good-natured vibe of the state, however faraway from home. and therefore the longing to return back home, to the blessed Kerala ground reflects in everything as well; there’s always a ‘Nilavilaku’ at every Malayalee home, and therefore the same goes with our jewellery too.

After China, India is that the biggest consumer of gold if you didn’t know! you’ll prefer to enjoys luxurious diamonds and platinum if you’ll afford them, but it doesn’t feel nearly as good as you’d once you wear an honest old ‘palakka’ or ‘nagapadam’ maala, or a gorgeous ‘Lakshmi mala’ or ‘mullamuttu’ piece of gorgeousness.

Kerala Jewellery Traditions


The ornament really reflects Kerala’s rich culture. due to its elegant style palaka mala necklace defines the ethnicity of traditional Kerala gold jewellery. Typical extravagant wedding mostly starts with decking up the bride, head to toe within the finery of silk and gold. a standard Kerala Hindu bride usually wears a ‘Settu mundu’, which may be a two- piece cotton handwoven saree with thick gold borders.

To feature lustre to the present ensemble, the gold ornaments are available . and therefore the set can include styles starting from the ‘ilakkathali’, the ‘mullamuttu maala’, the three-layer brooch chains, the ‘kaashumala’, the ‘poothali’ and lots of more, but the stand out piece of all is that the ‘palakka mala’.

Palakka Mala

The Palakka maala is alleged to be first worn during the Dwapara Yuga of Shree Krishna. The necklace is distinct in its leaf shaped lockets, with emerald green inlays, that are assail an important gold base. The centre of the necklace features a bigger pendant, usually round with gold beads hanging, to define the form . The palakka mala also features a few smaller rubies within the setting to form a subtle contrast on the green and to balance the color . The chain derives its name from the ‘paala’ tree and its green leaves are rendered in glass or crystals. the flowery inlays are set in heavy gold imparting grand aura to the whole necklace and making it a press release piece which will be worn all by itself or together with other jewellery for the marriage day. The eye-catching green color of the leaf is in perfect contrast against the plain texture of the settu mundu and isn’t overtly flashy or showy either.

Palakka necklace


This is the first , basic ornament, which is usually worn for a marriage or a special day . the normal palakka mala are often easily paired with sarees and salwars with palakka earrings. this sort of paalaka is extremely exquisite and long and is on the heavier side. it’s best worn as one necklace or paired with an ‘ilakkathali’ for an entire bridal look. you’ll also get your hands on palakka style bangles with an equivalent green leaf inlays.

Palakka Bridal Necklace

Being a humbler version of the flowery paalaka maala, this one is essentially a brief necklace consisting of a round chain on which a few of pendants of the paalaka are suspended. they’re spaced out equally to take care of symmetry. Usually 5 or 6 pendants are used with a central grander piece and delicate gold beading.

These can easily be a neighborhood of the bridal jewellery collection and wishes no special event to be worn. It are often teamed up together with your everyday wear or maybe family functions without being too over the highest .

Palakka Pendant

palakka pendant The palakka trend takes a robust modern twist with the pendant style or ‘padakka’ maala, with one pendant on a sequence . Sometimes a deity is additionally carved into the coloured stone in gold. Unlike the normal neck-piece, this one are often easily worn with casuals and kurtis and you do not need to await an event to flaunt it. There also are smaller sorts of these which will bring simple daily wear jewellery.

Types of Palakka Mala

  • Palakka mala is one among the various families of ornaments that make use of colourful stones or glass. The locket comes during a bunch of shapes each giving a special aura to the necklace.
  • Unlike the standard leaf shaped paalaka maala, there’s also one that’s shaped sort of a serpent’s hood which, contrary to how it’s going to sound, is really stunning. it always features a stronger structure with perfectly cut gold pieces on which the coloured green glass and rubies are set in.
  • Another popular variety is one with lockets shaped like mangoes, oval with an offset tapered base. Same style, during a different shape with an array of lockets but here, it’s shaped sort of a tiger’s nail. Fancy, isn’t it?
  • These are the rarer varieties which will be difficult to seek out but a minimum of you know!

Palakka Mala Styles

In the same style, there’s also a rather uncommon shape available; within the sort of ‘aval’ or rice flakes which are an integral a part of snacking in Kerala. As you’ll see, our jewellery takes generous inspiration from food and culture and that is definitely why it’s so relatable and treasured. Your ‘kundan’ and uncut diamond jewellery may leave of favor during a couple years but these ‘maalas’ are living on since its inception till now, with an equivalent level of glamour and elegance.


Palakka Mala Colors

‘Palakka maalas’ are also making in a variety of colours; apart from the usual color green there are red and blue varieties too. The red one is a fun, casual one whereas the sapphire blue one is a ultimately beauty.

Tips while choosing your palakka maala:

  • Know your occasion. If it’s for a marriage or a special day , you’ll choose the heavy neck-piece within the traditional style. Casual choices are the pendant type or the necklace with just a few of lockets attached.
  • Budget: the normal maala are often quite expensive, but you’ll also invite the sunshine weight varieties that are easier to wear and price much less.
  • Inlays: Stone connoisseurs can choose the important stones i.e., emerald with tiny ruby inlays which may really boost the worth of the necklace. At an equivalent time a glass or crystal setting also can look even as beautiful on a palakka maala.
  • Care should be taken to make sure that the stone setting is secure and doesn’t fall off too easily.
  • When trying to find palakka maalas for special occasions, make certain to select one that best matches your outfit. Green, blue and red shades are easily available. Funky styles with a mixture of those colors also are something worth finding out .

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